Artificial Intelligence

Hiding In Plain Sight Behind Artificial Intelligence


“Chaos, Complexity, Emergence & Technological Singularity” is essentially a redacted version of a more extensive work published in October 2021 (‘Applied Marketing Analytics’ Volume 7 #2 a journal of Henry Stewart Publications) presenting the theory of “Emanating Confluence” dealing with the progression of Artificial Intelligence (AI) — from Chaos Theory…

A Short Analysis of Sentiment Analysis & Emotion Recognition


Just imagine what would happen based upon the current AI algorithms based on sentiments and emotions used in Social Networks today, when the following post written by a new playwright by the name of William Shakespeare hits their systems:

“The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” …

Image by Author — Copyright © Ted William Gross, 2020 All Rights Reserved

Entrepreneurs & Technologists: STOP Using Buzzwords to Show How Wonderful Your Next Idea, Company, and Technology Will Be

Spouting Buzzwords Often Makes You Sound Obtuse, Asinine & Just Plain Stupid

It is the end of a long day. I have just finished my fourth Zoom-Facetime-Skype conversation in three days with a company trying to recruit me, and I am fed up and disgusted. I have listened to CEO’s, CTO’s, VP’s and team leaders use buzzwords and terms which had no…

Figure 1 [1]

Human Communication, Digital Alteration & the Coronavirus Disruption in Communication


Before you begin to read below, compare the snapshot below to the numbers above. They were taken 36 hours apart. Once statistics from the USA start getting real, (at the moment reporting from the United States is not realistic), sadly these numbers will jump exponentially.

How to Contend With Age Perceptions, Judgments & Prejudice To Find Your Next Job


At the outset, I apologize for the length of this piece. The subject covers a serious, perhaps life-altering topic for many people. It requires proper attention, and it probably should be at least twice the size it is now.

I also offer my apologies for using personal pronouns in this…

Ted Gross

Works In & Writes About Technology. Futurist, Theorist, Technologist, Lecturer & Teacher. Still Dares To Dream.

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